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SudaTonic™ Products

SudaTonic™ products offer "Better Health, Less Work - More Weightloss" at prices so affordable you probably won't need financing; however, financing is available, should you choose that option.

Since introducing the original SudaTonic™ Far Infrared Blanket in 2004, we remain dedicated to providing business owners and their clients with a superior system that remains uncomplicated, convenient to store and easy to market.

Many have copied us but we are the original... and since 2004, the industy leader.

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SudaTonic™ Blankets, Bags & Belts

Professional Four Zone Far-infrared Blanket

Low voltage infrared heat, absolutely safe for use in spas, salons, chiropractor's offices, fitness centers, etc.

Sudatonic™ Four Zone Far-infrared Blanket can:

Personal Saunette™ Far-infrared bag for home use

Developed specifically for home use, Saunette™ can be used either lying down or sitting up. Constructed of durable carbon fibers encased inside the soft two layer waterproof fabric bag. Comfortable and safe with built in timer and temperature control.

Saunette™ Far-infrared Bag can:

Waistline Slimming Belt

Best for body trimming targeted at waistline, reducing waist size by eliminating excessive fat, relieving back pain to provide lumbar support, diminishing abdominal stretch marks and removing bad skin condition such as belly wrinkles.


Creams by SudaTonic™ USA


Our creams are grouped into two main categories depending on their method of application; either by a professional or an individual consumer. Our professional grade creams may be purchased individually and as a set of all four at a reduced per item price.

Professional SudaTone™ Creams

Our professional grade creams are made in the USA of the purist food grade USP Pharma Gold ingredients. The USP Pharma Gold designation is the highest quality classification awarded by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

SudaTonic™ SudaTone™ Formulations No. 1 through 4 are Salon Strength creams specifically formulated to optimize the results of SudaTonic™ professional grade far-infrared sessions. Because of their effectiveness, these creams may only be sold to professionals in the Beauty, Health and Wellness Industries.

Self Application & Home Use Creams


Blanket & Bag Liners

Plastic Liners Pre-Cut Plastic Sheets

Our Pre-Cut Plastic Sheets are a disposable, one-time use product providing maximum sanitation. Protect your SudaTonic™ 4 Zone Infrared Blankets and Saunetter Bags for home use, with these pre-cut plastic sheets, while trapping heat and aiding detoxification.

Plastic BodySuit

Hygienic, Effective, Thin, Comfortable & Disposable! Plastic Body Suit The BodySuit is a disposable, one-time use product providing maximum sanitation. Protect your SudaTonic™ 4 Zone Infrared Blankets and Saunetter Bags for home use, with the BodySuit, a strategically thin second layer of insulation between the skin and the thermal environment. The BodySuit allows the maximum transference and trapping of heat to the body during an Infrared Body Wrap session, and increases the body's circulatory perspiration inside the BodySuit. It insures a safe and more hygienic Infrared Body Wrap experience with less time needed for after-session cleaning.


Handheld Body Fat Analyzer

Omron's Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) that is faster, easier, less intrusive and includes a lightweight portable device making this a simple one-step process for measuring body fat content and body mass index.

Various personal information such as age, gender, weight and height is input into the Omron body fat analyzer, then the subject grips the device handles. Electrodes in the hand sensor pads send a low, safe signal through the body. Body Fat content and Body Mass Index is calculated automatically in seconds.

Omron is a leader in this technology and has done extensive University based research and human testing to develop accurate equations and algorithms used in estimating body fat from BIA technology. The accuracy of Omron BIA analyzers have been highly correlated against clinically accurate body fat analysis methods such as hydrodensitometry (under water weighing), Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Omron has used research information from several hundred people tested under the DXA method to develop the calculation methodology by which their BIA products analyze body fat percentages.


Marketing & Training

Complete Marketing and Training System

Four DVD's of the SudaTonic™ Training System provide techniques and methods to help you to successfully use the SudaTonic™ System and to ensure your clients impressive results each and every time. Our team of dedicated instructors have a wealth of training experience, which you can use to benefit your spa and clients. This system is in use throughout the world and it is important that clients experience the best that the SudaTonic™ System has to offer. Along with the Training System, you also receive the SudaTonic™ Marketing System which includes four DVD's packed with tools to help you get the word out about your new service and how it can benefit your clients. You receive FREE promotional and marketing tools including; brochures, post cards, videos for your website or waiting area, and a promotional DVD for your clients.

SudaTonic™ Color Post Cards

"Better Health - Less Work - More Weight Loss"
8.5" x 5.5" full color, two sided postcards designed to introduce the SudaTonic™ Far-infrared System and some of the many benefits of infrared heat.

SudaTonic™ Tri-Fold Brochures

8.5" x 11" color, two sided tri-fold brochures. This explains how the SudaTonic™ System works, including information on the 4 signature SudaTone Creams.

SudaTonic™ Poster

Large, colorful poster measuring 18" x 24" for display in your office or waiting room, to illustrate the benefits of the SudaTonic™ Far-infrared System.


SudaTonic™ Far-infrared Complete Package

A comprehensive package including the essential products to make the most of the SudaTonic™ experience.

With this package you receive all the essentials needed to begin providing SudaTonic™ Far-infrared benefits to your clients. Along with our 4 Zone Infrared Blanket and specialized creams, you also receive the full Marketing and Training System to help you and your staff set up and use the SudaTonic™ System to it's full potential. Training videos and SudatTonic™ infomercial to use in your lobby or waiting room on DVD. You will also receive a PDF training manual and marketing materials on CD. As a member of the SudaTonic™ family you are welcome to free telephone support. Leave a message with our 24 Hr. answering service and one of our associates will do their best to return your call within one business day, or email us at: support@sudatonicusa.com

The Complete Package Includes: