SudaTonic™ Products for Tan Salons

and Home Use

SudaTonic™ products provide the benefits of far infrared heat and "Better Health, Less Work - More Weightloss". They are now available for self application at tanning salons and in the privacy of your home.

Since our introduction of the original SudaTonic™ Far Infrared Blanket we have been dedicated to providing business owners a superior system that remains easy to utilize and market to their clients. Many have tried to copy our system; however, SudaTonic™ is the original far infrared system and since 2005, the industy leader... and financing is availble.

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SudaTonic™ Body Wraps, Bags & Belts

4 Zone Far Infrared Body Wrap

  • Low voltage infrared heat
  • Power unit provides individual control of time and temperature over each of the 4 infrared zones; right arm, left arm, front and back
  • Durable carbon fibers emit infrared radiant heat
  • Comfortable and accommodating to even plus size clients
  • Roomy, your clients won't feel confined to one position
  • Special infrared panels allow arms to stay outside the blanket while receiving the same benefits
  • Not heated in the breast area
  • Kept securely closed and sealed by means of strong Velcro
  • Portable and stows conveniently
  • No shower or wet room needed

Sudatonic™ 4 Zone Far Infrared Body Wrap can:

  • Lower body fat & facilitate weight loss (not just from water)
  • Relieve pain of joints & muscles
  • Speed up metabolism
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Release toxin build up & increase energy
  • Reduce cellulite & stretch marks
  • Improve skin tone & elasticity
  • Promote relaxation & stress release

Waistline Slimming Belt

Best for body trimming targeted at waistline, reducing waist size by eliminating excessive fat, relieving back pain to provide lumbar support, diminishing abdominal stretch marks and removing bad skin condition such as belly wrinkles.

  • Deep far infrared heat penetration
  • Safe and easy to use with low voltage (DC 36V)
  • Waterproof soft material with flexible tensile capabilities even in various sleeping positions. (UL specification)
  • Heating elements designed to withstand stretches or bends

Lotions by SudaTonic™ USA

  • FOCUS™ - Targeted Area Lotion

    A special blend of concentrated ingredients formulated to breakdown fat and cellulite. The continued use of this product combined with regular infrared body wrap sessions will result in the appearance of smoother and healthier skin. Apply to targeted problematic areas before an infrared body wrap session or can also be used effectively at home without infrared heat.

  • FUSION™ - Toning & Detox Lotion

    Stimulate your skin with a special blend of ingredients to slim, trim, tone and tighten. Fusion is a self application product formulated to work best during an infrared body wrap session. This lotion's special blend of ingredients was chosen for their ability to assist in body detoxification as well as fat and cellulite reduction. Apply approximately one ounce to the entire body just before an infrared session. Apply again after showering.


Body Wrap & Bag Liners

Plastic Liners Pre-Cut Plastic Sheets

Our Pre-Cut Plastic Sheets are a disposable, one-time use product providing maximum sanitation. Protect your SudaTonic™ 4 Zone Far Infrared Blankets and Saunette Bags for home use, with these pre-cut plastic sheets, while trapping heat and aiding detoxification.

  • Good for about 50 treatments

Comfortable, Disposable, Plastic BodySuit

The BodySuit is a disposable, one-time use product providing maximum sanitation. Protect your SudaTonic™ 4 Zone Far Infrared Body Wrap and Saunette Bags for home use, with the BodySuit, a strategically thin second layer of insulation between the skin and the thermal environment. The BodySuit allows the maximum transference and trapping of heat to the body during an Infrared Body Wrap session, and increases the body's circulatory perspiration inside the BodySuit. It insures a safe and more hygienic Infrared Body Wrap experience with less time needed for after-session cleaning.

  • Hygienic - Effective - Thin - Comfortable
  • Sold in packages of 5 disposable BodySuits

Handheld Body Fat Monitor

Omron's Body Fat Monitor is a lightweight hand held portable device which is fast, easy, non intrusive and makes measuring body fat content and body mass index a simple one-step process.

Personal information such as age, gender, weight and height is input into the Omron Body Fat Monitor, then the subject grips the device handles. Electrodes in the hand sensor pads send a low, safe signal through the body. Body Fat content and Body Mass Index is calculated automatically in seconds.

  • Handheld device, simply input your personal iformation and grasp handles with outstretched arms and read your Body Fat Percentage and Body Mass Index in seconds.
  • Very portable - take anywhere
  • Uses Bioelectrical Impedance Method for estimating body fat and provides BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation.
  • Two modes for accurate results for athletes and non-athletes. Guidelines provided based on the FIT index (Frequency, Intensity and Time) to determine which mode to use, Athlete or Normal.
  • Measurement results in 7 seconds.
  • Save time with 9 person profile memory. Stores height, weight, age and gender for 9 individuals. No need for constant re-input.
  • Guest Function - allows guest to check body fat without storing personal data in memory.
  • Suitable for Height 3' 4" to 6' 6", weight 23 lbs to 440.5 lbs and age 10 to 80 years old (athlete mode 18 to 60 years old).
  • Includes illustrated instruction manual.
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries, included. Battery life is 1 year when used twice a day.
  • Weighs only 8 ounces (not including batteries).
  • Dimensions: 8"L x 5"H x 2"W
  • 1 year warranty.

T-Max 3W/G2™ Timer

The T-Max 3W/G2™ can operate as a stand-alone timer or be controlled from the front desk. Up, Down, and Start/Stop buttons allow for easy control of your tanning bed. Terminals that screw down provide flexible and easy wire connections.

All parameters, such as lamp hours, session counts, bed hours, etc. can be accessed and changed right on the T-Max 3W/G2™.  All these features provide an easy to install and inexpensive way to control a tanning bed from the front desk of your salon.


Marketing & Training

Complete Marketing and Training System on CD-ROM

CD-ROM contents:

  1. Training
  2. Forms & Room Signs
  3. Marketing & Artwork

This CD provides the training needed to successfully incorporate the SudaTonic™ Far Infrared Body Wrap System into your salon menu, along with marketing materials to help create interest in your new service. Our step by step instructions are easy to follow on how to set up the SudaTonic™ Far Infrared Body Wrap System along with the protocol for preparing a client for their self service, SudaTonic™ Far Infrared Body Wrap session. By following the instructions, learning the fundamentals and understanding how the SudaTonic™ Far Infrared Body Wrap System works, you'll be able to confidently relay that information to your clients. There are so many wonderful benefits which Far Infrared Heat can provide and the better your client understands the system, the more likely they are to experience those benefits and come back for more!

Training & Promotional 2-DVD Set

  1. SudaTonic™ Training DVD
    Our TRAINING DVD is packed with information on how to set up your SudaTonic™ Far Infrared Body Wrap, how it functions, best practices and how to promote it to your clients. A well informed and well trained staff will lead to satisfied clients who receive great results and book multiple sessions!
  2. SudaTonic™ Promotional DVD
    The second DVD in this set is an in-office promotional video which you can set up in your waiting room or lobby. It's on a continual loop to play throughout the day to pique your clients interest in the benefits of the SudaTonic™ Far Infrared Body Wrap.

SudaTonic™ Brochure

Colorful and informative, these 4" x 9" brochures are on glossy, heavy card stock and set up so that you can place your contact information on the back. Great for displaying in your lobby, for use as a direct mail piece or for handouts at networking groups or trade shows.

SudaTonic™ Poster

Large, colorful poster measuring 18" x 24" for display in your office or waiting room, illustrates some of the many benefits of the SudaTonic™ Far Infrared System.


SudaTonic™ Far Infrared Body Wrap Packages

A choice of three packages including the essential products to make the most of the SudaTonic™ experience.

With this package you receive all the essentials needed to begin providing SudaTonic™ Far Infrared benefits to your clients. Along with our 4 Zone Infrared Blanket and specialized creams, you also receive the full Marketing and Training System to help you and your staff set up and use the SudaTonic™ System to it's full potential. Training videos and SudatTonic™ infomercial to use in your lobby or waiting room on DVD. You will also receive a PDF training manual and marketing materials on CD. As a member of the SudaTonic™ family you are welcome to free telephone support. Leave a message with our 24 Hr. answering service and one of our associates will do their best to return your call within one business day, or email us at:

Complete Turnkey Package:

Basic Package:

Custom Package:

If one of our best selling SudaTonic™ 4 Zone Far Infrared Body Wrap Packages does not exactly fit your needs or your budget, please give us a call today. We'll work with you to create a tailor made package, and with our financing options, you will soon be able to offer your clients the many benefits of Far Infrared Heat Treatments.